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2016 Lincoln-Way Lacrosse Club high school season recap and what’s next!


Thank you!

I would like to thank all of the players and families for making the 2016 season great!  Thank you to all of our corporate sponsors!  I also want to thank all of our past & present volunteers because we couldn’t do any of this without them.  I also need to thank all of the families that have recently joined our email list for showing interest in our program, and we are looking forward to meeting you at the next off-season event and/or 2017 spring season! 

Apologies for the length of this letter, but I want everyone to know where we are at and where we are going.  There is a lot of info to share and hopefully answers to some questions that have come to me direct and through the season-end survey.

A Little History

Lincoln-Way Lacrosse Club (LWLC) formed a youth program in 2007 and added a high school program in 2009 to provide lacrosse opportunities for players residing in LWHS District 210 and surrounding communities.

Beginning with one youth team in 2007, we’ve expanded to seven youth teams and three high school teams in 2016.  We look forward to the growth of the youth program in 2017!

High School Q & A

Lacrosse is not currently a high school sanctioned sport, however the IHSA (Illinois High School Association) is sanctioning high school lacrosse in 2018!

Where will our high school teams play in 2018?  Good question.  We are optimistic that LWHS District 210 will add lacrosse to their list of sports.  We are currently gathering information to present to the administration, so if anyone has any contacts or are familiar with the process and are willing to help, then please send an email to .  We can all help by spreading the word that lacrosse is here to stay in our community!

How have our high school teams been playing without lacrosse being sanctioned?  The high school teams have been playing in the IHSLA (Illinois High School Lacrosse Association) league, which simulates and abides by the rules set forth by the IHSA pertaining to high school sports. Further information can be found at ihsla.org.

How is the league set up? The IHSLA has A & B Classes and splits teams into conferences.  B Class champions are moved to A Class.  LWLC plays in the South Suburban Conference B Class.

Where will our high school teams play in 2017?  The high school teams will again play in the IHSLA South Suburban Conference B Class.  The Varsity team will then compete for the Lacrosse Cup/ IHSLA B Class Championship!

Will we still play as a co-operative or will each school have their own team in 2018?  We will still play as a co-op in 2018 and the possibility of separate high school teams really depends on the growth of our youth feeder program to create the demand for each school to field a team.

When will 2017 Spring HS registration open?  We are looking at some time in October.

Will there be any off-season opportunities?  Yes!  We added a strength, speed & agility opportunity in August- November, and we will also have speed lacrosse opportunities in November- December.

Will there be any off-season HS tournament opportunities in the fall and winter of 2016/17?  Yes.

Will there be any off-season HS tournament opportunities in the summer of 2017?  Yes.

High School coaches?  Head Varsity coach David Demasi and Head JV coach David Ho will be returning for the 2017 Spring HS season.  We are working on filling the remaining positions, so if you know anyone interested then please have them contact .

How did our high school teams finish this year?  See below!


  • Overall season record 19-5 with an overall rank of 34 out of 88 teams in the IHSLA
  • IHSLA overall record 14-4 with a #5 rank in the IHSLA B Division
  • IHSLA conference record 8-0
  • IHSLA class record 14-2
  • South Suburban Conference Varsity Tournament Champions
  • York Invitational Varsity Tournament Champions
  • Made it to the final 4 (out of 52 teams) in the IHSLA B Division for the first time in LWLC history


  • Overall season record 14-1 with an overall rank of 14 out of 84 teams in the IHSLA
  • IHSLA overall record 13-1
  • IHSLA conference record 7-1
  • IHSLA class record 10-1
  • South Suburban Conference JV Tournament Champs


  • Overall season record 13-11-1 with an overall rank of 20 out of 52 teams in the IHSLA
  • IHSLA overall record 8-4
  • IHSLA conference record 5-1
  • IHSLA class record 7-1

Great job to all of our HS teams this season! 

As you can see, all of our high school teams are raising the bar on the level of play at Lincoln-Way Lacrosse Club!  Our high school coaches are already preparing for the 2017 spring season, so enjoy the break, but make sure you are putting the work in on your own in the off season and come back smarter, faster and stronger!