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We are excited to host +75 teams from 19 different lacrosse programs located in IL, IN, and MI!  Below you will find 
info to prepare for the tournament. 
Date: April 25th
Location: Chicagoland Speedway (Enter at Gate 4 located at 450 E. Laraway Rd., Joliet, IL 60433)
Game Times: Saturday 8AM-6PM.  All games times are CST!
Schedule:  via Tourney Machine on Wednesday April 22nd by 5PM CST.
Format: All teams will play minimum of three games. All games played on Saturday April 27th. *There will be a few teams that will be playing a 4th exhibition game and those games will be noted on Tourney Machine by an ( * ).  Your 4th pool game will not count towards your ranking.
Championship Games: Game clock will be kept on the field by the officials for play-off & championship games. Brackets are simple. Minis- top 4 teams will advance. Juniors, Minors, and Majors- top 2 teams will advance.
Awards: There will be one large LAX500 Championship trophy for 1st place that all 1st place teams will take pics with and we will add an engraved plaque of the name of each 1st place team on the trophy base! All 1st place teams will be provided a Gold medal for each player& all runner-ups will be provided a Silver medal for each player. 1st place teams will receive their medals & take photos with the LAX500 Championship trophy at the winner's circle and selfie-station. Runner-ups will receive their medal immediately after the game on the field the championship game was played and are more than welcome to use any area they would like for a photo opportunity.
Parking: We will have a professional parking service on site due to the vastness of the property and to ensure the safety of all of the players and families. There will be a $10.00 (cash only) charge per car to park, so please be sure notify your parents and make sure they have the $10 cash to park. The gates will open at 6:30am on Saturday morning.
RV Parking: Please reply to this email if you are bringing an RV and we need the length, so that we can make room for you. It is $50.00 cash for RV parking
***TBD***Route 66 Raceway Event: "Race Your Ride" presented by O’Reilly Auto Parts at Route 66 Raceway: Details Attached and they stop charging entrance fees around 1pm
Vendors: Food & beverage trucks will be on site!
Selfie-Station: We will have a selfie-station near the winner's circle and hope everyone jumps at the chance to take those selfies!
Game day check-in: Head coaches will be required to check-in there team before their first game and will be provided a welcome package.  The welcome package will include (3) lacrosse balls that each team will need to manage throughout the tournament in order to minimize game delays. We will have plenty of balls to go around, but we ask that each team take responsibility to manage the end line balls during games.
Rules: Attached
Roster Form: Attached. All teams need to submit completed roster by 7PM CST on April 23rd. If you have any questions about filling out the roster, please let us know.
Waivers: Completed online via surveymonkey. Waiver form link is below. Please copy and paste the link below and forward onto parents of players.  All players have to fill out waivers in order to participate in the tournament, no exceptions! You can email   to see who has filled out waiver form. WAIVERS ARE DUE APRIL 22nd at 8PM CST.