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The Lincoln-Way Lacrosse Club (LWLC) is an organization that promotes youth and high school lacrosse through programs that reach out to K through 12th graders in the Lincoln-Way area communities. LWLC plays both indoor and outdoor lacrosse fielding over 200 players across multiple teams.

Why Lincoln-Way Lacrosse Club?

Our Youth Program  **2021 will be condensed due to COVID-19 and the below is our standard for a normal season

What will my player gain from the program?
We teach sound fundamentals through competitive, team-based lacrosse. This model ties in leadership, sportsmanship and helps build a players character as while improving his skills.

What is expected of a player?
The number one expectation is that the player is passionate about learning lacrosse. They demonstrate this through their attitude on and off the field, by attending every practice and being on time and ready to play for each practice.

While everyone’s physical abilities might not be complete, we do expect every player to pay attention and play smart.

Lacrosse should be your main spring sport for the competitive teams and can be a complementary/secondary sport for developmental teams.

What is your season?
Our season begins with practices in March and runs through mid-June.  There are also summer, fall, and indoor winter programs available.

When are practices?
Practice will begin in March practices will be at the 4H facility in New Lenox.

Practice schedules are fluid for all teams.  The fields are typically available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 5-7:30pm. Most teams practice on the same days and times.

How many games do you play?
We will aim for 16 games in a season. Some teams play more, others less – the actual number depends on the competition available and tournaments.  All boys' teams are scheduled to play 8- 10 games in the IBLA league.  Most teams attend one local and one away tournament.  Game schedules are fluid.

Where do you play?
Most home games are played at one of the Lincoln-Way High School stadiums.  We may also host home games at the 4H facility.

What about equipment?
LWLC has a limited amount of rental equipment and more info is found under the Rental Equipment tab on the web site.  Players may also rent equipment from True Lacrosse.

Equipment can be purchased from local sporting good stores, , Tama Lacrosse, The Lax Shop, or Total Lacrosse

*The mesh/ pocket on your player's stick is extremely important.  Talk to your coach. 

Team Helmet?
You can purchase a black team helmet through LWLC when the online store is available. 

Is it expensive?
Compared to many other sports programs, and area lacrosse programs, LWLC is a bargain. Our spring season fees begin at $275.

What is included in your fees?
Field Rental and Lining
League Costs

Awards for players